From ancient landscapes to sweeping coastlines, vibrant towns and agricultural communities, the Great Southern region is known for its creativity, diversity and rich heritage.


The Great Southern Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy will be the first Strategy of its kind for Western Australia. It will set a strategic framework for the region to strengthen our programs and assets, prioritise new opportunities and attract funding and partnerships.


The Strategy will be developed to consider three key pillars:


  • Identity: The region’s defining qualities, characteristics and narratives

  • Experience: The depth, breadth and accessibility of arts, culture and heritage experiences, for people of all ages and interests

  • Capacity: The infrastructure, resources and skills needed to stimulate cultural and creative communities and economies and build capacity.


A project logo has been developed to reflect the breadth and diversity of the region’s arts, culture and heritage.

  • The colour palette recognises the beautiful landscape drawings and internationally-acclaimed artistic talent of Aboriginal children at Carrolup.

  • The interconnected linework represents the pathways and roads that connect the region’s towns and communities.

  • The ranges represent Pualaar Miial / Bluff Knoll (Great many-faced hill)

  • The patterned backgrounds represents the region’s diverse environment, communities and economies – agriculture, coastline, ocean and forests.